Leidos Security Detection & Automation supply standard, bespoke equipment and full turn key systems to handle many different applications.

We have provided handling solutions as diverse as order picking systems for a leading UK book distributor; stacker cranes for high-bay warehouses in the aviation sector; shuttle vehicles for the transfer of radioactive waste below ground; and many manufacturing production and assembly lines.

Whilst we can supply individual modular conveyor equipment, we also provide bespoke turnkey systems and, where necessary, adapt standard products and equipment to produce turnkey solutions.

Highly trained technicians maintain continuous inspection of work in progress, ensuring compliance with stringent design criteria.

Systems are monitored to ensure that safety, sequencing, performance and cost criteria are being met at all times within the production cycle.

Our in-house experts will work with you to understand your challenges. From our findings, we would be able to recommend, develop and improve your solutions.