Transport Systems

Automatic transport systems can comprise fixed-route vehicles such as shuttles using rails or guidance slots (RGVs), or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) following a wire or tape.

They can also be flexible, such as laser-guided systems that have a pre-programmed site map stored in their controller enabling them to find their own route to a destination. All types provide automated driver-less transport and can be designed to suit a variety of operations.

Leidos Security Detection & Automation automatic transport systems are used in applications ranging from car body assembly and automated sub-assembly, to transport of hazardous products for the nuclear and pharmaceutical industry.

When used in areas where operators or other personnel may have access, vehicles can be fitted with a variety of safety devices, such as front, rear or sideswipe bumpers, slow down and stop sensors, etc. Most vehicles are also fitted with beacons and audible alarms to provide position warnings and indicate current status.

Fixed-route systems are generally powered by either festoon or bus-bar systems, a battery or the innovative contactless inductive power transfer (IPT) system. Flexible route vehicles are normally battery or IPT powered.

Our transport systems are easy to operate, reconfigure, extend or modify and we are able to provide a wide variety of vehicle types including steer-drive, quad and multi-wheel. A variety of standard or custom attachments such as roller, chain or belt conveyors, mast lift assemblies, telescopic forks and scissor lift units can also be incorporated to meet the toughest materials handling challenges.

Our range of transport vehicles offers significant improvements in operational safety while delivering a considerable return on investment by reducing labour and material costs and product and equipment damage.


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