Assembly Lines

Leidos Security Detection & Automation is positioned at the forefront of technology, evolving over many years as a specialist in assembly line automation. The company’s wealth of design experience and control engineering specialists ensures that we maintain our position as the UK’s leading manufacturer of assembly lines and robotics.

We have supplied systems to a diverse range of industry sectors.

In the automotive industry, we supply both directly to manufacturers and indirectly via second-tier components suppliers. Projects have included assembly lines for the production of complete cars, as well as sub-assembly of brakes, dashboards, engines, etc.

For other industries, we have supplied machine tool assembly equipment, transportation conveyors, heavy equipment handling, electronic assembly and other assembly line applications.

With a variety of products and systems available, our solutions range from simple manual assembly lines to fully automated and test systems, to satisfy most customer and market requirements.

Whether your products need automated assembling, testing, inspecting or any other process, Leidos Security Detection & Automation solutions can address the challenge.


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