Automated / Laser Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Over the past 20 years, our engineering team has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in designing and supplying automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

An AGV system provides automated transportation based on driverless vehicles. Systems can be designed to suit a variety of operations.

Leidos Security Detection & Automation AGVs have been used in applications ranging from car body assembly and sub-assembly to the transport of hazardous products for the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.

Because our systems are easy to customize, integrate and commission, they are easy to operate and maintain, and they can also be easily reconfigured or extended if client requirements change.

We are also able to provide a variety of vehicle types such as steer/drive or quad and multi-wheelers. A variety of standard or custom attachments are also available including on-board roller, chain or belt conveyors, mast lift assemblies, telescopic forks and scissor lift units, all designed to meet the toughest materials handling challenges.

The master control program for order management and traffic control runs on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. The standard master controller can control up to 50 vehicles in one system and can be used for stand-alone applications as well as interfacing with a host computer.

The operator interface program, also runs on Microsoft Windows, making it extremely user friendly.

Using a layout diagram and tables, our interface allows total operating control of the AGV system.

Each AGV has a map of the entire operating route stored within its controller, allowing the vehicle to navigate a path to any destination in the layout. The map is easily generated from a CAD drawing with the Layout and Reflector Definition Program, and each vehicle is in constant contact with the offboard control system either by radio or infra-red communication.

Besides improving operating safety, Leidos Security Detection & Automation AGV systems deliver a considerable return on investment by reducing labour and material costs, and product and equipment damage.


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